General Terms and Conditions - NewPoshPlace Hostel
Sitting area of newposhplace ladies hostel

Terms & Conditions

Paying Guest shall pay the rent in advance in every month on or before 5th of every month. Late fee Rs.100/- per day will be charged later. If Paying guest fails to pay rent on time for two consecutive months, management has right to expel a person without any notice. Fee once taken shall not be refunded, transferred.

Occupants shall submit passport size photo, photocopy of address proof, identity proof and company ID proof along with application form.

Paying Guest shall inform 30 days in advance prior to leaving the hostel. If notice not provided on vacating the hostel with 30 days prior notice, full month charge will be levied. Advance amount will not be adjustable for notice period rent.

Rent enhancement will be 5% for each year follows. Management has right to increase the rent giving one month notice to Guest.

Advance amount will remain with the owners and no interest will be paid in advance. The advance shall not be adjustable towards rent and shall be returned to the Paying Guest subject to any deduction for payments due at the end of stay. Any damage to the furniture/fixtures or loss of keys or any other loss in the said premises shall also be deducted from the advance amount.

If the room is not vacated upon termination of an agreement, Paying Guest is liable to pay liquidated damages @Rs 750/- per day for each day of default.
The right of admission is reserved and living space is allotted on first-cum first served basis and at the discretion of the management. The management may change the allocation at any time during the tenancy of the Agreement.

Paying Guest has not been given any key pertaining to the main entrance door of the premises. The Paying Guest will be given one set of allotted room keys and one set of allotted cupboard keys and Paying Guest should hand over the same keys while vacating. The other set of room key will be to the owners for purpose of daily housekeeping.

Working Women's should declare their shift timings. And shall report change in shift timings regularly time to time, if any.

Guests should report the check-in and check-out time to watchmen or in the log book maintained every day. Outsiders or friends are not allowed in the rooms. Only parents will be allowed (not opposite gender) in rooms with prior permission.

Management advises its guests to take care of their belongings. Management is not responsible and shall not liable for any loss or damage to the belongings of the guests especially items relating to gold, laptops, mobiles, cash, bikes, clothes etc.

The Paying Guest has no right whatsoever to the said premises nor shall claim to be tenant / sub-tenant or Licensee nor shall claim any other right whatsoever in or to the said premise.

All common areas like Halls, corridors, passages to other portion of the premises will be utilized by other occupants along with the Owners and their staff.

Paying Guest shall not cause any disturbance at any point of time and may not permit guests or any outsider to enter the premises without the permission of the owners.

Any problem of inconvenience has to report to the management representative. Plumber, electrical and internet issues will be resolved in 24-48 hours.
Consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smoking of cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the rooms and in premises.

Don’t keep the Beds uncovered. Cover the beds with bed sheets. It helps to keep YOUR room CLEAN and HYGIENIC

Please keep rooms clean. Please do not create any inconvenience to others.

Please leave your shoes in allotted place only.

Don’t keep your clothes in the halls and Beds, in common areas

Paying Guest shall not paste and poster scribble on walls and split in the premises. Paying Guests are jointly responsible for any loss or damage caused to property due to negligence or act of misconduct.
Wastage of electricity and water should be strictly avoided. Basic electricity for lighting and fans will be provided by the management. Ironing, heating rods, stoves, and cookers will not be allowed.

Please use internet for professional purposes only
Don’t keep the food uncovered. Cover the lid after taking your servicing. It helps to keep YOUR food HOT and HYGIENIC

Please do not waste food, water, and electricity. I CAN AFFORD BUT THE NATION CAN’T.

Please do not carry food, plates to rooms and upstairs. Please cooperate to maintain rooms cleanly.
Paying Guest shall not cause any disturbance at any point of time and may not permit guests or any outsider to enter the premises without the permission of the owners.

Occupant shall not misuse any of the facilities on the premises and shall not cause any disturbance in premises or to neighbors. Shall ensure low noise levels and music systems shall be played at low volume.

Paying Guest shall not indulge in any illegal activities in the PG House. Management reserves right to evict a person to enter the rooms allocated to the Paying Guest for the time being and to remove all the belongings of the Paying Guest and dispose of them without notice if Paying guest misbehaves or causes the disturbance.

The Paying Guest shall be responsible for any damage caused by Paying guest or by any other outsider who has entered the premises through Paying guest to the said premises and to any of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment therein. Reasonable wear and tear exempted.

Management is not responsible for suicides and fights in the premises. The management of the P.G house shall not be responsible for anyways and any compensation whatsoever.

Management will charge extra for the water during the period of summer because of acute water shortage.

Management will have all rights to change the above terms and conditions whenever it is necessary.